A Cool Holiday

I have just came back from a two-night stay at Cameron Highland with my family. This was my fourth visit since the third in 2009 which I went with the other KL geography teachers. Different from the previous visits, this time I tried to focus not on the veges and fruits but more on, maybe, the physical aspects of the most popular hill resort in Malaysia. And, what should had been.
I insisted on going down to the village nearest to our place of accommodation, De La Ferns, the new boutique hotel in Cameron. We jogged and walked all the way as a part of giving our bodies the treat, which was long overdue. It was also a way to evade the 'notorious' traffic jam along the main road which had made our holiday not that cool.
The jam near the S-Corner near Brinchang. We cornered to the joint to taste the scone recommended by a hubby's friend. It's not to my taste.
I found out that staying at De La Ferns was worthwhile, and, 'lepakking' in the sanctuary of its big and spacious family suite room, was way out better than spending the wasteful time on the road, bumper to bumper. Pahang Development Authorithies, take heed! Enough said.
Our rooms, one with a balcony, were up there on the third floor facing the road.
This room has one king size bed and two twin beds. Well, we had no choice but to take this room. Rooms were fully booked in all hotels that my husband had listed. And we could have succumbed to its refund policy. It reminds us to know well the booking and refund policies before making any ringgit commitments.
 This can sleep more than 10 people on the floor. Ideal for big, big family who don't mind 'camping' in together. Ha ha.
This restroom can accommodate all of us at one time. A waste of space. I don't intend to spend a lot of my precious time in here. The layout leaves a lot to be desired. The rack towel is too high for my height. And what if you are in the state of urgency? You need to sprint!

How well do you know Cameron Highlands? It's location, height and temperature? People know more about the cabbages, roses and strawberries and its coolness than these geography and numerical facts! Ha ha. Ask the Malaysian students. The Camerons is always one of the favorite questions in the PMR geography paper. The school might as well as encourage any trips to Cameron Highland because it is so relevant. PMR is a Malaysian public examination taken generally, by the 15 year old kids.
Here is one example of the questions that came out last year:
Ironically, this top highland retreat is in the state of Pahang which gets most of the tourist revenues while the gateways are in the the state of Perak, which are Tapah (southern exit) and Simpang Pulai (northern exit). Tapah is the original route which provides more driving challenges for the enthusiastic drivers. Think of the narrow winding road with the deep ravines an inch nearby!
Ok. I will write about the village, Kg. Sedia (Ada) in my next post.
My daughters are preparing dinner downstair in the kitchen and I think I'm needed there. So, ciao!


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