A Monkey Tale

The rainy days of December were over and January came with its hot spells now and then with some showers in between. February is certainly going to be a hotter month as the sun is approaching the equator. It will be an equinox at the northern and the southern hemisphere when almost everywhere will experience equal length of day and night.
So, hotter noons for us here in Malaysia but showers with lightning and thunder will come down in the evening to cool down the atmosphere.
Then, how does weather get to do with monkeys? Just look at the pictures and make your own conclusion. On that day, my third daughter called me frantically to tell me about the monkeys (there were three of them) which came from the little jungle at the back of the house. The little jungle is home to few wild animals. A big, wild boar had been sighted at our area last month. I stopped her midway to tell her to snap their pictures. ''Ok", she hung up. No videos because the battery was dead.


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