For another 10 years?

  • Woke up at 5.40 this morning after turning in to bed about 5 hours before. It was raining here in Kuang.
  • Messaged a colleague to know the weather in TBM. 
  • Went down to a daughter's room to look for a long sleeved jersey in her closet.  I had PE class with the boys today.
  • Reached school and missed the clock by A minute. Darn.
  • Got a new timetable and one more PE class = 1 hour less of my free of teaching periods.
  • Doing shot putt training with my boys. After 2@3 years, they haven't yet mastered the technique. May use the 'glide' or the 'spin' methods. 
  • Returned the test answer sheets to my 3A and 3C students. The best result ever and the best score received a bookmark I bought from Vietnam. Thanks dears and please keep it up.
  • My daughter called that Ayah's Dom Pizza discount card has expired. ''Do u still want them at RM50+ for 2?" What the heck..? Ok, go ahead or else the special students would have to eat the canteen food.
  • Went to 3J to distribute the new student's profile forms and explained what and how to fill in. My voice shrilled and the girls asked why I spoke very loud. I didn't realized it. haha.J
  • After school, we had pizza feast at the canteen. They were still hot from the oven! Thanks girls for the hugs and kisses. I had promised these students this treat if they scored A in the 2011 PMR geography paper. Among the roses, there was only a thorn but unfortunately, he didn't turn up. He was the one who kept asking when to 'belanja' them.
  • Had discussion with TSL on the Geography coursework and prepared geography worksheets for the next lessons. Send them to the office for printing.
  • Did some blogging but felt sleepy. It was raining in TBM
  • Marking the students' works after waking up from a short nap. Thinking hard on what to do with these guys not completing their work. No wonder they 'suffered' in the test. 
  • Cleared my desk and clocked out at 6.15 pm, minutes after the second last bell rang.


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