Some students in 3J have returned the reply forms to the PTA meeting this saturday. One of the parents commented about the state of the girls restroom. When I told the girl Z that her parent must attend the meeting to voice whatever things about the school, Z immediately striked out the statements.
I called her parent, the mother, if she would like to attend the meeting. She said, no. How is her daughter doing in school? So far, she's okay but she wasn't in the morning assembly. What? Was her best friend there? Who? LS. No, she wasn't there, too. Thank you. At 10 something, she smsed me that she had sent Z to school. Make sure she is in class. I went up to check and there they were. I told them I considered them absent today since they came in after the second period. I smsed Z's mother and thanked her.
When I went down the stairs, the other 2 girls came after me asking if I had called their parents. I called but no one answered. Now, did u give me the right number? They looked at each other and back to me again. Yes. Ok, but if you are not telling the truth...Eventually, she gave me her mother's number but pleaded with me to give her one last chance. She's afraid of her mother. Ok, for this time, and make sure you don't do it again. One more, both of you must help in decorating the class notice boards. I want the cleanest class award, too. Ha ha.


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