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Saturday, August 15, 2015

banyak kerja laa

I love weekends and Friday. Works of a teacher are never ending. I believe the students are equally stress as well. Our works keep piling up and one of the ways to keep me from going crazy is to just do what you are capable of doing at one time. Remember, urgent and important first. Then urgent but not important and the rest follow suit. I havent been doing much for my family these last few months besides tending to my works, not even cooking them dinner. Nada. I'd rather buy dinners than preparing them as I need those moments to get my work done.

Now gotta run.


  1. Samalah kak pun. Sudah 4 minggu berkampung kat sekolah setiap hujung minggu! Kesian anak-anak dan suamiku, makan nasi n lauk beli je... :(

    1. Baru ternampak ada respon..sebenarnya, dah malas masak sejak anak2 boleh diajar masak..