My Andalucia Trip : Cordoba, Spain

It has been a year since our trip to a small part of Europe and I havent done with the story yet. Sudah basi ceritanya. Looking at the pictures we have taken, a lot of them need to be thrashed out, to save the computer space. Just keep the best ones. And there are sooo many travel blogs and posts talking about them, your post just remains there.. for your eyes only. I know that apart from me, even my children havent finish looking at the pictures we had taken. And I dont know how long it will stay on blogspot.

I will just add some pictures here with captions to remind me of those memories.  I like to look at them in a better context rather than them got stashed away in the less interesting i-photo albums.

At our accommodation, a backpacker's hostel

The City of Flowers

The Fascinating Entrance and  Door

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