Mediterranean trip to Italy: Venice and Florence

It has been a year since our trip to a small part of Europe and I havent done with the story yet. Sudah basi ceritanya. Looking at the pictures we have taken, a lot of them need to be thrashed out, to save the computer space. Just keep the best ones. And there are sooo many travel blogs and posts talking about them, your post just remains there.. for your eyes only. I know that apart from me, even my children havent finish looking at the pictures we had taken. And I dont know how long it will stay on blogspot.

I will just add some pictures here with captions to remind me of those memories.  I like to look at them in a better context rather than them got stashed away in the less interesting i-photo albums.

My fb post, "A city a day: It has been a loong day: from Cordoba to Seville to Malaga to Bergamo to Milan. Finally, we check into the hotel in front of Milano Central Station after paying almost €100 for the taxi fare (huhu) from the airport. By bus, its just €5 a person. Room is very nice and new. 
Just finished having late dinner at a nearby turkish doner. At last got to eat meat after days of seafood."
From Malaga Spain, we boarded a Ryanair flight to Bergamo, Italy. We took a taxi to Milan which cost us a bomb! Almost 100 euro! and that's about rm500! We spent a night in Milan before taking the rail for the next day trip to Venice. From Venice, we took to the rails for Florence where we spent a night at an apartment within the the vicinity of asian restaurant.

 This was near the Milano Centrale which is so near our hotel. 
 yes! rice!

Our Milano hotel. Quite new. The receptionist is a muslim
 Waiting for the train to Venice

 Bought on impulse and never finished them
 A real summer treat

 The summer crowds

 Ha! modern day speed boats
 Is this the Oriental Express?

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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