Andalucia Trip: Alhambra

We were there June last year, 2014. When we went on the Europen extensive trip, there were many tips we could have given you readers but my  memory is failing me.
From Dublin, we flew to Spain's Malaga on Ryanair, the budget airline. The booking of flights were done my daughter who was in Dublin then.
Please remember to put little things like hand lotion, toothpaste etc in the clear plastic bag provided at the Dublin immigration rather than feel sorry later.

Arriving at the airport around, we took a taxi to Malaga bus station to catch an Alsa bus to Granada. It was about 2 hour + drive to Granada but we reached our accommodation very late, after midnight. We had already informed our host of our late arrival while we were still in Malaysia. The room was booked through bnb as the last resort since we have no other choice. The taxi driver couldn't locate the 'hotel' with the address we gave and had to go around asking its whereabout.

Antares Guest House (the name was different from the one given to us)

When we finally checked into it, we profusely apologised to the host as it was already past the hour. Anyway, we could only slept in a wink as we needed to check out very early before the time to buy the entrance tickets to Alhambra. Online tickets were already sold out and the ones available didn't include the The Palace. I advise you to buy your online tickets early so you don't have to queue . The all-inclusive ticket cost 14 euro which means all you can visit. Without the Nasrid Palace, you pay about 9 euro, I think..erm, do check the fee.

The checkout was funny. The host, whose sleep we had disturbed, grumbled and pointed at the checkout time notice. Again, we apologised and at the same time softly requested to keep our luggage in his office till 6 in the evening. We were not his favourite guests, obviously.. :)
When we arrived at Alhambra at 6.30 am,  a few tourists were already at the ticket counter, perhaps spending their night there. The line grew and the counter opened at 8 am and we were advised join the first group to visit the Nasrid Palace.

If you look at the map, the Palace is almost at the end, far from the main entrance. But. If you buy the ticket earlier, you can enter from the back, nearer to the Palace. Please wear good walking shoes because you are to walk and walk till you collapse. Al Hambra is HUGE..

We were at Alhambra till 4 pm, bringing our own lunch of sandwiches which we bought at the London Standstet Airport but I can't remember how and where we kept them for the night. Haha.
Our scheduled bus ticket to Sevilla was at 9 pm and we haven't yet to see the city. Please, take a least two nights at Granada or else you shall regret for not seeing the city.

We checked out of Alhambra and walked down the hill towards Albayzin but the rain caught us at three quarter of the way. I remind you to check on the weather forecast and bring the umbrella. We did brought the umbrellas from Malaysia but decided to leave them at Dublin to save on cargo weight. It was quite a heavy rain but we walked through it (of course under new bought umbrellas) and entered an eatery to escape the cold. It wasn't a nice feeling, we were wet and cold.
AlBayzin should be explored..don't miss it./

After finishing the food, we asked the muslims there the way to the mosque. It wasn't the regular mosque but a small prayer room that can accommodate up to 40 persons.

When we asked for a taxi to our accommodation, we were told that it was just nearby. Haha. We went up the stairs and lugged our 2 papa luggages down and called for a taxi to the bus station. 

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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