An early holiday rambling

It has been 6 months since I last posted, kan? That's the major effect of the Malaysian Education policy, PBS or School Based Evaluation. I am wondering, how many percent of teachers are really implementing it genuinely. I know, it's between them and God. A few or hopefully just a small number did it atas angin or cincai-cincai sajalah.

In the first two years of implementation, the form 1 and 2 teachers really suffered, I tell you. Fortunately, I wasn't one of them. And I don't blame the students who are in form 3 this year because I was't a good teacher to them. I didn't possess a lot of patience and love. I shook my head in controlled rage when one student wrote Terengganu as the capital of Malaysia. Really. And that came from a supposedly good class.

Getting into the age of the fifties doesnt help either. I was detailed in my daily lesson plan to help me remember what I really have taught and what I hadn't because the classes didn't have the same learning pace. What with all the public holidays and school activities which would disrupted my lesson plans. Why those mattered? Because I had to carry out the PBS tests after almost each lesson and then, I had to mark about 300 of them each time. When I could make short-cut, I would. Thanks God, I don't have still growing up kids anymore. We COULD NOT afford to ignore our own kids because they could became the other teachers' night mares.

There are a lot to be said about PBS but I'm not in the mood to reflect at this moment. I want to enjoy my long holiday hopefully to recharge myself fully before the new year appears.

I'm already thinking what I could do to improve my T&L approaches so we all will be happy, the students and I. :))

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


  1. Salam kenal... balasan singgah ke sini... harap2 kita selalu kunjung mengujungi yer...


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