Yummy Little Yum! Yum!

Yum, yum, yummy...yes, yummy! And the service was very fast too.

On our belated anniversary dinner, our daughters took us to this Chinese-Nyonya restaurant at Kota Damansara. Kota Damansara has a lot of food joints which we haven't tried yet. The first we went to was the Brothers and the latest being Homst, another Chinese food joint owned by a Chinese muslims. Oh not to forget an Arab food restaurant near Giant Supermarket.

I tell you, the food prices at Yum Yum are higher than average but they worth the money spent. I even bought the spices packed in jars to try them at home.

The place was packed when we arrived but fortunately my daughter had made a table reservation before going. Those who didn't book had to wait to be seated.

Below are the pictures of the food that we ordered.

 Looking at the mouth-watering pictures of the food

 The healthy taste chendol meaning less sugar.
across the land
 Breaded shrimps with basil puree which caught me by surprise.
 Pakis/paku goreng belacan which was very nice. 
The common menu, chicken with cashew nuts 
 The assam pedas which was really great that I bought a small jar of the assam pedas ready made spices. RM7, I think. I guess the Nyonya Assam is different from the Malay Asam pedas but both taste great in their own way.
 The price tab? A little bit more than a hundred. The assam pedas was the pricier one.
Our thoughtful daughters who treated us to these great nyonya menus. They know how to please us, just bring us to good restaurants.
Two of the 3 jars of different ready-made spices.
 I used the assam sambal on my sweet and sour siakap. Sedap, of course.

I recommend this restaurant to the Nyonya food lovers and I, definitely shall return to taste other food on the menu. 

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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