Three Saturdays

Three Saturdays in a row were used and will be used for school related events. The first was the best, it was made compulsory to have fun and relaxation. Kasih disemai, Sayang dibelai. The only one working was the mouth; to chew and swallow. And for talking and laughing.

Roast lamb at KL Sunway Putra (previously known as Legend Hotel). The cost of this buffet lunch/hi-tea was RM50 per head. That was a promotional price which covered many varieties of dishes. Spoilt for choices, I took a little bit of something, but the  small space in the stomach couldnt accept them all. Islam teaches its followers to eat when hungry and stop eating before they are full.

The second was today. The school was having a carnival. There were foods, foods and foods. Variety of games for fun. And fear at the Ghost House. A few unfortunate ones, like my Nature Club committe members had to man our pasta stall from morning to afternoon with very little rest. I'm very sorry girls you missed most of the funs and excitements. I had forgotten to be thoughtful.
A few of the stalls advertisements
Frying chicken for the nasi lemak
Queueing for Ghost House, the most popular. Always. The crowd were just curious. One of the crews(below)
I still don't know who they are. They were seen mingling around with 'serious expression'. I made a remark to one of them, 'hey, smile!'

And many, many more..

Next Saturday won't see you in sales activity but to let you enjoy the annual Sports Day. I promise.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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