Haze, Rain & Turkish Roast Chicken

When the 'authorities' talked about the school closure due to haze, nothing or rather no one was clear about it. School or no school? Which states? Teachers and students or only students? Whose authority it is to give directive, PMD or MOE? MOE's website was out-dated for urgent issue like this. They seemed very slow in making decision. Should it be called 'cuti berganti' or 'cuti darurat jerebu'?
Then, the night before the next day. 'Teacher, got school or not?' The TV1 highlighted, 'school is still closed'. Another, 'schools may open tomorrow'. Statements are contradictory. I just want the MOE to be the only one giving one fast, short and clear announcement through its website and on television.

So, Monday was a holiday and for my school, it was a blessing for those who worked hard for the school carnival on saturday which ended at 3 pm. My legs muscles were sore and tired from the walking and standing although it was my students doing the sales. Sales were not that soaring but we made some profits and our pasta-pancakes were all but sold out. :)))

With Monday almost gone, there came the question, ''tomorrow still holiday, ah?'' Aiyya, I didn't answer but quickly asked a colleague who answered, ''the announcement bar on TV1 said, schools are still closed''. Like that, ah..must wait further. I smsed my boss who replied a bit late, "tomorrow, ada sekolah". I just wished the haze got thicker by 200!

At Tuesday's 190 reading, the atmosphere didn't look healthy and I quickly donned on my mask from the old stock of a few years back. Which side up, blue or white? Both sides, can.
Many students didn't attend school because either the parents didn't let them or they, themselves didn't want to go. I preferred them not to come. The weather was one kind, hot and highly humid, I could feel my armpits sweating excessively. I found solace in the cool staffroom, which was really heaven.
I really pitied my students who had to sit in the uncomfortable classrooms for 6 hours bracing that kind of weather caused by the haze. There was little teaching going on that day.

The water from the tank was very warm, even at night. Fortunately, my house was surrounded by trees and it was cooler inside without switching on the air-conditioner. I felt safe from the smokes. My son and his little family were coming over again after bringing my little grandson to see the doctor. Both father and son have fever. And so is my eldest daughter who is suffering from sore throat. The contents of the haze are the culprits, I guess.

While busy preparing the Turkish Chicken, the sky thundered and poured down its much awaited content, much to our relief. Alhamdulillah, the prayers of many people were answered by the Almighty. Everywhere people posted rain statuses; even the ones stranded on highways, not one complained about Mr. Rain.

Last night, it was a full family reunion, gathered just to enjoy their mama's long awaited roast chicken.
 The turkish barbecue spice and paprika which I bought on my Turkey trip last November
 Pre boiled chicken and vegetables
 Baked in the oven for another 40 minutes
 Rice cooked in the chicken broth
 simple salad in EV olive oil
Canned stuffed grape leaves bought at a Middle East store at USM, Penang. I was introduced to this during my studies in the States in the early 80's. I'm the only one in the family who like them.


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