Fremantle, Day 2

Freemantle was the western gateway to Australia and still retains much of its old charm. It was said that, many of Fremantle's old buildings have been painstakingly restored and claimed as "one of the best examples of a victorian port streetscaape in the world". Oh, well..
So. after having leftovers for breakfast (we tapau the extra grilled chicken from Dianella the nite before and croissants from the Oscars), we set off to Fremantle port down south on the 26th May. Our original plan was to visit Karrunyip Sunday Market at 7 am but have to forget about it because of MM sleeping time hehe. So, the first place we went to was E-Shed market which opens 3 days a week, Friday to Sunday at 9 0r maybe 10 am. Since we were early, parking was easy. The market was located near Victoria Quay. It is very quiet as compared to the Fremantle Markets which is bursting with people. I prefer the latter to the former as regards to the things they have and sell. E-Shed sells cheaper souvenir products because their products are China made but designed in Australia.

Aussins and Megabes are famous for their cheaper products and if you need to give souvenirs to many people, then this is the market you should go to.

After we had done shopping at E-Shed, we drove to Fremantle Markets where we parked the van at a two-tier, maybe more, parking area near Cappuccino Street. Fremantle Markets is only about 10 minutes (brisk) walk from E-Shed.

As we arrived, the crowd were entertained by this street performer.

The Freemantle Markets original building was opened in 1987. The ornate design shows what a good time Fremantle had at the time of the gold rush. The markets have over 150 stalls selling variety of items and is so popular with the local. It is only open from Friday to Sunday.
I like a 'leather' handbag which has a classic flower design and is made in Korea. The price is AUD50.

Bought 2 packets of strawberries at AUD4 each.
And as we walked and walked through the many exciting stalls, we exited the market and ended up here and around the building, is the street performance area.

We decided to split for lunch, son&dil at Ali Baba on Cappuccino Street, and we, the Cicerellos at the Fishing Harbour. 

 Meanwhile...from the Cappuccino Street, we walked across this park (Esplanade Reserve) towards the Fishing Harbour and Cicerellos.
The Fishing Harbour
The view from Cicerellos (below) and across it is Kailis. 

We left Fremantle and thought of going to Cottesltoe Beach. My son said it's still too hot for his son and so we detoured to Harbor Town Shopping in the Perth CBD (Perth Central Business District) to find a place to pray. We arrived but too late for the service center where the praying area is provided, which is closed at 4.30 pm. We had no other choice other than go back to Scarborough. 

Whatever time left before it was dark, was spent on the beach down our rented apartment waiting for the sunset.
The sand is thick around here and they have a stretch of conservation area for the sand dunes here. The coast along Scarborough is in the sipwreck coast zone.

Will be improved from time to time.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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