Day 1: Swan Valley, Perth

It's has been more than a week since I came back from Perth. There were 9 of us, all in the family, including my 4-month old grandson, MM going on the 3-day trip. If you ask me whether that's enough, I tell you it isn't. For a first timer to Perth, I must know Perth quite well in order to plan the places we wanted to go. For that I need the google map where I plotted the directions from one place of attraction to another. Included were the places where where we would be having the main meals, lunch and dinner. Or else, we would have wasted our short precious time. I realized (after the trip), having pamphlets containing thematic maps and lists of things to see and do, should help me better in future trips. It was all there on the map. My mistake, because I have forgotten the maps, thinking the internet infos and the gps gadget were enough.

On DAY 1 (Saturday, 25 May), we went straight from the Perth International Airport towards the Swan Valley which is 15-20 minutes north of the airport. We didn't check into Scarborough Resort Apt because it is on the western shore which is further from the airport than Swan Valley is. We stopped first at a Patisserie at Dyer Street to have our breakfast. It opens at 7 am. On the way there, we passed a historical, classic railway station but we did not stop to take pictures. Too focus to get there fast because we were already behind schedule.

HALAL DANISH PATISSERIE at 5, Dyer Road (it's actually a factory). We ordered hot drinks and all kind of pies, the best to me is the creamy chicken pie. Their chocolate muffins are nice. It was quite cold that morning, around 16 degrees celcius.

I can't remember how long we had our breakfast but we need to go to Guilford, a quaint historic town, before watching the farmshow at Caversham Wildlife at 10.00 am. When we reached Guilford tourist center, it  was not open yet (when it opened at 9 am, we didnt have the time to go in), so we walked at Stirling Park and around, after parking the van at the roadside. The center is just across the park. Strolling along the streets, we looked at the historic buildings such as the Courthouse, Padbury's Store, Rose n Crown Hotel, Post Office, and the war memorial structure on the park. If you like history, go to the visitor's center to get the heritage walks map so that you know what you are looking at.  It's also here if you want to prepare yourself before you go there. I lost all the pictures we took in Guildford that I have to 'borrow' a few from the internet and from my son.
One of the heritage walk maps

The War Memorial at Stirling Park

A little bit more than 9 am, we made our move towards Caversham Wildlife Park. Since we didnt know how long it takes to Whiteman Parks from Guildford, we hurriedly set the car GPS but even with this, we went round and round looking for the Caversham wildlife center. No wonder. It is tucked further in the Park but fortunately we were more than on time for the show. Get the map and don't only rely on the GPS. I already told my son to map out our journey but...
CWP is privately owned, the inhabitants are a collections of native animals with kangaroos, koalas, emus, parrots and more. The largest number goes to the kangaroos. The entrance fee is AUD24 for adult. One of the 'workers', who can speak a smattering of Malay, told us the funny difference between 'tandas' and toilet, which made us grinned.

For those who love to see these animals and get to touch them, then you must go to this park. The koalas has a certain way to touch them, stroke with the back of your hand..

Here we got to see and touch the parrots, snake, wombat etc.
 The venue of the farm show where we were shown the lamb shearing process, cow milking and what else.  

We were at the park till around noon and then moved on to the next stop, the Margaret River chocolate factory at Swan Valley. There are two of this, the original one is at Margaret River. There offer free chocolates tasting but I only bought 3 round different chocolate coated nuts for AUD11. The chocolate products are expensive and since I'm not a big chocolate fan, I  gave it a miss. I also tried a cup of the cold chocolate mint but I can't remember feeling like 'it's so great'.
Margaret River Chocolate store cum cafe

I think this chocolate trip wasn't that great, firstly because of the price and secondly, because of the large crowd turnout, being saturday it was. 

Since it was already almost 1pm, naturally what came to mind was food. We drove away looking for any food outlet and decided to lunch at Morley but the food outlet we found on the internet has closed down. So we settled for a pizza and kebabs at some Spring shopping center. A kind Arab family we met showed us the way to this small restaurant.

 This small kebab restaurant is quite new and is located in a quiet neighborhood below

After the late meal (around 3.20 pm), we asked the cashier where we could pray. He said the Islamic center was closed except on Friday. So we decided to drop by the Perth City mosque on our way to the Kings Park to meet Yana's Singaporean friend. Asr prayer time was around 3.45, and maghrib was at 5.45 pm, I think. So, we did jamak prayer there. My grandson was not so much an issue during the trip, he is simply adorable. He loves Perth cool air. That's my perspective, ha ha. After praying, we quickly made our move to King Parks.
Kings Park is a beautiful park, that anybody going to Perth as a visitor, must go there. The view of Perth so pretty from up there.

 Meeting friends of my DIL who have migrated Perth at the Kings Park.
 Kings Park
 Kings Park
 Kings Park
 Kings Park
Overlooking Perth City and the Swan Lake (the pic was taken with the mini iPad. I-Phone 4s should get a lovely pic of this but the battery was dead. But I guess it wasnt taken from the right angle too)

So, when it was dark, we were ready to move on to the next destination before going to Scarborough to check in. Dinner at Chicken Charcoal at Dianella which is nearer to Scarborough
Dinner at Charcoal Chicken, Dianelle. The menus are great. 

Well, after dinner, we finally drove to our accomodation at Scarborough Beach and checked in around 9 pm..well, I just guess. Pictures of the accomodation have gone with the camera. There it is in the map..the budget resort. For three days, it's okay. The internet reviews on it are mostly right. :)

Next: Day 2 at Fremantle

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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