CBD Perth Day 3

Waking up early on Monday, 27th May was our third day in Scarborough. We didn't go to Hillary Harbour up north as I wanted to. My husband decided to breakfast at Karrinyup shopping center..cant remember what his reason was for going there. We were early and it was barely opened. Since we won't have kebab for breakfast as we want to try it later at another outlet at Broadway, we settled down with some pastries, and definitely some hot coffee for me.
Soon, we were on our way to Nedland Broadway Shopping Center to visit Kongs Oriental grocery store for the Golden Baronia nougats. It is aud$4 cheaper here than in Freemantle which my son bought at aud$30. We haven't tasted any australian nougats before, so, we didnt know how many packet to buy. The one I have tasted is the turkish nougats at the hotels and they didnt go down well with my taste palate. The Australian nougats are very nice and I regretted not buying more. The Mondo Nougat is more expensive and according to my daughter later, it is heaven! I love nougats because I love nuts!

 Western Australia University. The Broadway is just near it.
BROADWAY SHOPPING CENTER and Kongs Oriental Store is located at the far end on the right side of the picture

     Instead of eating the Ararat Kebab, we tried the Ararat Turkish Pide and onion rings.
In the Kongs store, there are varieties of oriental products from Malaysia.

We soon hit the road again, driving towards the city. There was no traffic jam and this make the driving smooth. It was kind of relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable and not stressed.
Still in the vicinity of Broadway
North shore drive
Driving on the north side of the Swan Lake
Perth City area
We drove to the CBD and parked at Pier Street car park which is multilevel. My husband dropped us first at Murray Street before he went of to park. We strolled and did window shopping but the area is nothing to shout about. 

We strolled down Murray till the William St traffic lights and turn left towards  Hay St. Before that, we entered Target and was excited to see marked down prices of winter wears which are very expensive in Malaysia. I bought a sweater and thought of buying more, if not for my daughters 'pulling' me out of the store. We walked and walked until we reached the London Court area.
London Court was built in 1937 as residential and commercial space combined. I know nothing about building design. They said that London Court not only has the setting of Tudor England but also a little of French and Spanish feel.
At the decorative Hay Street Mall entrance, this blue faced clock is said to chime every quarter of an hour but I didn't hear anything.
Tired of the London Court with nothing much interesting for us to see and buy (wont buy anyway), we strolled out and back into Hay Street.
MM is the center of attraction!

A lot of things in this shop were sold very cheap but we didn't buy much fearing that they would give additional weight to our limited luggage weight allowance.
At a Malaysian restaurant on Murray Street. Out of curiousity, I ordered mee goreng mamak at AUD$10.50 and it was ok but not 100% mamak taste. Yana ate 'ayam masak kuning' with rice because she was very hungry (Breastfeeding mum is like that, feeling hungry very fast). It was here when we realised the camera was missing after a good one hour had passed. They went back to the place (picture below) but of course it was already gone.
Sad but we accepted it as fate, we moved to our next destination, the Harbor Town Shopping Complex. This is a must because Ismah's main agenda in Perth was to buy shoes. Her shoe size is so limited in Malaysia. She got what she wanted. This 'mall' is not exciting although it is called a brand outlet shopping center with 100 brand outlet stores. They sell doubtful authentic branded products. In the picture below, you can see the ISPA Kebabs. Why do I mention it? Well, my daughter got a rather good day when she got ALL the fillings in her kebab after she cajoled the lady to give more because they were closing for the day. Alhamdulillah.
We decided to go to Megabes factory outlet in Malaga at night so my son called Mr. Wei to tell him we were coming. There we bought more T-shirts and other souvenirs and spent so much time there that  the grilled lamb shanks and chicken at Charcoal Chicken at Dianella were all finished when we got there. It was not yet 9 pm. Well...this was fated too just like the camera.  My husband and my daughters ended up eating fish fillet burger with fries. I wasnt that hungry.

Back to the apartment, we started to pack as we must go to the airport very early for the 6.50 am flight to Kuala Lumpur, if i am not mistaken. It was weeks ago so naturally for me, I forget. My husband brought a small weighing 'gadget' to make sure that our luggages were not overweight. It is embarrassing to have to open our luggage in public to redistribute the contents of the luggage, isn't it?
Ready to go the airport
Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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