Just A thot

No lenghty post at the moment. School has just begun and works are unending and that's normal for  the Malaysian teacher. It's not a blissful half-a-day job as it used to be twenty years ago. I shouldn't be complaining because that's better than no-paying job at all. Money is much needed and households having two bread-winners are getting less uncommon in this age. More women have tertiary education which mean they have the way for getting good jobs. Good jobs equal good wages equal good life, in the material sense.

Teaching. PBS. PGS. PKE. PKO. SAPs. Headcounts. PMR & SPM programs. Meetings. Students' works. Tests & Exams. Extra Cocurriculum. More.

I occupied almost 2 working desks in the staffroom. Lots of stuff on them and under. I'm a compulsive hoarder. I did clear many stuff at the end of last year. Now, it's starting to accumulate, again.

I have just quietly celebrated my half-decade on earth and more grey hairs are showing up.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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