Central Anatolia: Angora Ankara

Day 8 (20 Nov 2012)

After traveling about 4 hours from Cappadocia, we reached Ankara at 1 pm, timely enough for our lunch. Ankara is the 2nd largest city and the capotal of Turkey, and has 5 million population.
The big Ankara Slum on the hill.

 Ankara Railway Station
 The Simit hawker. Cant remember the price, though. We had it everyday at breakfast.
 The usual menu for lunch........but still grateful to Allah, the dishes could go down our throats.
 Their rice pilaf is delicious
After having our lunch at a restaurant next to Ankara Railway Station, we went to Kamal Ataturk Musoleum and Ankara Castle. It was a cold afternoon. The Ankara Castle comprises buildings of 150 years old. We didn’t proceed to tour the area as our tour guide, Ugur brought us back to the bus after an old lady gave a long speech expressing her discontentment with her government.

 Kamal Ataturk Mausoleum. Did not take many pictures here.
Going to Old Ankara Castle

 The Old Lady in Red. She could speak English well so, she must be an educated person to be able to air her opinions on certain issues.

Look dilapidated. Saw some workers doing 'restoration' work on one building.
The Turkish Sweet, Sweet Delights. Although they are too sweet for our health conscious palates, they are delicious, better than the prepacked ones we bought at Selcuk. The price is TL32/kg. Rather regretted that we didn't buy more to bring to Istanbul as the price is not less cheaper. Moreover, while in Istanbul, I forgot to look for that famous Baklava shop at Kadikoy!

When given the option to eat out of the hotel, we were thrilled. The real kebab we longed to eat which they called it doner.
We didn't understand turkish so my daughter had to resort to sign language which left us in stitches, like imitating the sound of the sheep to indicate 'lamb'. 
                        Laban or yogurt drink (below)
 This time we didnt take the picture of Surmeli Hotel. Totally forgotten.
The scenery on the way to Istanbul
Kissable lip / teeth.

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