Shopping in Bali

Apart from shopping for paintings, fabrics and silver crafts at the specialized stores, we also shopped for things that our children fancied at the more down-scaled retail stores.

Just cannot remember the name of the store but it was in Kuta. I loved the selections they had.

see how tired he looked?
Jimbaran Beach
I loved seafoods
Jimbaran Beach at noon, a few hour before our flight back to Malaysia.  

Entertained with popular English oldies.
We got our ached legs massaged and our dirty faces some facial treatment

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


  1. Bestnya melancong ke Bali...pasti shopping sakan!

  2. tidak juga..xsempat nak cari barang yang betul2 berbaloi nak beli. kalau setakat souvenier kecik2 tu adalah..maklum tak buat homework ms pergi tu


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