Shinjuku, Japan

As I flipped over the album pages of the many pictures taken for many, many years, I thought of documenting my early travels in my blog. That means I had to photograph the photos and see how they would look digital.

The first one I selected to write is our very short trip to Japan as a result of 'winning' free tickets plus fully paid expenses to stay 3 days 2 nights at Shinjuku Prince Hotel in Tokyo. While I have forgotten much of the details to write about, I can still  post a few old pictures of the 1999 March trip.

Just to want to tell you that the cob of corn was about RM10. 
 This is Ueno Park, I think. Sakura flowers were blooming and as you already know, it is beautiful in spring.

The Japanese were enjoying the sakura blossom season.

One of my shoe heels broke here. I thought Bata look alike shoes would be cheap but they weren't. I ended up buying a pair of pretty japanese shoes (but can't even remember what they looked like)
Our only mode of transportation in Tokyo since it was very reliable and we were amazed at its punctualities. We didn't dare tried the other modes of transport as we didn't know any japanese. There were enough instructions in English to enable us to purchase the train tickets using the ticket vending machines. If not, we would be really at lost there. 

I can still remember going to the electronic hub of Akihabara to buy watches and other small souvenirs for the children. As we were new in the world of travelling, I didnt do any 'research' on it and on our flight back to Malaysia, one of the engines failed and we had to turn back to Narita after 2 hours flying! Oh Allah! We were supposed to arrive at dawn, so, when we reached the KL airport, I called the school saying I would be late for work. Only one person knew I went to Japan....

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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