Pantai Sri Tujuh, Tumpat

Think ICT, think of Pantai Sri Tujuh or Sri Tujuh Beach. Tujuh means 7 which refers to the number of lagoons there. Sri? Not important.

The coastline is ever changing, the effect  of the northeast monsoon. The strong waves pound the shores causing quite severe beach erosion but the beach builds up again during the southwest monsoon, creating sand ridges and lagoon. An appropriate geography lesson for the Malaysian students.

The main lagoon
Aquaculture site

When we go back to Tumpat, my husband would never failed to bring us here. Ever since the children were small. We usually went there in the late afternoon to enjoy the sea breeze and its SCT. When the children were just kids, they would play and bathed in the water which was cleaner then. I never joined them but the father would always be in the water with them, of course.

s e a f o o d  c e l u p  t e p u n g

However, when we went back there last Raya, we were greeted by these. So frustrating! Any form of dustbin was not in sight. A dirty beach definitely is not a beautiful sight! Why couldnt they be smart or patient enough to keep their rubbish in any container? Even if the container means their car. 

 I wondered what the small boys were doing in there. Where were their parents?

 The authority needs to do something about this by educating the public and reinforcing the laws. The people who did this really don't have brains! Teachers teaching any environmental or civic subjects should make this a big issue and carry out creative lessons on environmental awareness. Parents, education begins at home.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


  1. We too saw much rubbish on that beach this year in 2013

    1. It is really stressful to see the dirtiness. Even islam stresses cleanliness as part of faith.


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