End of Ramadhan in Tumpat, Kelantan

Two hours after leaving the Stong State Park, we finally reached Tumpat at about 2.30 pm. It made a record as the shortest journey from KL to Tumpat in our more than 20 years of traveling back to this part of the world. A place where husband grew up under the care of his grandmother. Most of his relatives grew up and resided here. This fact woke him and his BIL up and together they drew up the family tree(s) but it is still under construction. Need interviews and more interviews with family and relatives.
It was hot and really humid if you were inside the house but outside, it was cooler with wind blowing from the sea.

The town Tumpat was once thriving but not anymore. Old shophouses still stand and a few new buildings came up but tourists just bypass the town to go to the famous shopping center of Pengkalan Kubor. The town doesn't change much in more than 20 years I have known this place. My children love to hear their father's growing up stories and they really asked a lot of questions.

The main road where most of the old shophouses are. The shops are a bit run-down. The jetty is at the end of the road.

I have never entered this small post office here in Tumpat
This big mosque is quite old and I think it needs a face-lift
The main graveyard where my husband's father, grandparents, older sister and other relatives are buried. 
The famous delicuous nasi berlauk seller and hers is not cheap, mind you.
This nasi berlauk is RM3.00

PMR students know Tumpat as the last train terminal in the east coast. A fishing town, too but I dont see any fishing related activities. Perhaps I don't know anything.

In its heyday, it was the focal of transportation, not only for people but goods as well.

The train changes its 'head' here

The town menfolks were seen idling away their time. Life pace is slow here.

Since it was the last two days of Ramadhan, the fasting month, we decided to hit the small food bazaar and these were what we saw. We didn't buy all, of course, as they would be wasted. The foods sold here are unique as we won't find them all in other parts of Malaysia and the best thing is they were cheaper than in KL.
grilled small stingray (perhaps, baby stingray?)

They also have this, Japanese 'tako tao', the Kelantanese version. They told me they went for a cooking course on this. Kelantanese 'serba boleh'..

sausages were dipped in pancake batter and baked in special molds

 I dont know the name but it's either kerabu maggi or nasi air.

  kerabu sotong

 Kerabu perut (the cow's intestines, cleaned of course..but I don't eat them)

kerabu betik (somtam)

The food spread we had on the first day of breaking fast in Tumpat.

Thank you for reading and visit me again.


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