Bukit Tinggi-Maninjau-Pandai Sikek

Day 3 saw us touring around Bukit Tinggi. Since Pasar Atas was not yet open, Del took us to Lobang Jepang at Ngarai Sianok.

 Ngarai Sianok
 Going down the tunnel. This was the Japanese army strategy during the WWII.
Let us out!! haha
Down at Ngarai Sianok. 
I don't want my feet to get wet. Should just take off your shoes and step on the water.
Pasar Atas
I bought one of these (no 3 from your right) for about RM65. The embroidered elena chiffon may be sold at RM45 but this fabric needs lining. 
 At Pasar Atas. It was quiet when we were there that I was able to get good bargains. 
 Bukit Tinggi. A high density town.
 On our way to Maninjau Lake after a few hours shopping at Pasar Atas. The valley down there gives us a breathtaking panorama.

At Kelok 31. We didn't drive all the way down to the lakeside but stopped here to make a turn up. I noticed that no good lands here in west sumatera are left unused. All are used up for agriculture and this shows the productive nature of the people. Vast paddy fields are common sights here.
Paya Kumbuh
This area is somewhere between Bukit Tinggi and Tanah Datar
Pandai Sikek that locates several outlets specializing in embroidered and weaved fabrics. The prices here are considered cheaper than elsewhere. We first went here the night after our trip to Paya Kumbuh but there was nothing much left of the latest embroidery selections in one outlet so we stopped again on our way to the airport on the 4th day. I also tried to buy some scarves but those also had gone out of stock. I managed to get a few (but forgot all about them until I unpacked later at home). They were cheap at about RM12-RM15 a piece. Anyway, I called Del and he said he would pass them through a friend who would be going to Malaysia).

Our flight back to Malaysia was scheduled at 3.35 pm. We stopped at Butik Annisa and bought a beautiful embroidered fabric there and some souvenirs. Next we stopped at a roadside stall selling Bika or Beko, a delicious baked kuih made of banana or grated coconuts and other ingredients.

 Bika or Beko in kelantanese

 Beside womenfolk embroidery, Bukit Tinggi also specialised in wood crafting among the menfolk.

We reached the airport at 2.30 pm after stopping for another nasi padang lunch at the famous RM Pak Datuk in Padang Panjang. The cost of the lunch was around RM85, I think. The flight took off at 3.35pm (Sumatera time) and arrived at LCCT earlier than scheduled, at around 4pm (Malaysia time)


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