Intra-Zone Netball

I have been involved in this game on and off for almost 20 years, not including my years as a student. But sadly, the achievement was nothing to shout about. I would like to look at it this way > although we never win, the experience will provide the basis for any future recreational activities. As in my daughters who are and were active participants in their university netball games.
Here are some pictures taken during the MSSWP Intra-Zone netball tournament held in UM. It was the first time we had it there after several years playing at the Pusat Sukan Chochrane. I like the location because its nearer the school and we didnt have to go through severe traffic jams as we did the previous years. This year saw school teams sporting colorful jerseys of various designs. And we see that most players now are malays. Even Jinjang who were previously an all chinese team had became all-malays. Where have the other races gone? More than 10 years ago, TBM comprised the all three races who were usually from the 'good' classes meaning they were 'cerdas' as well as 'cergas'.
 training prior to the tournament.
Arrivals of the school teams from all KL zones: Bangsar, Sentul, Keramat and Pudu
A 7-1-7 match. Either one school plays 2 to 3 'kalah-mati' matches. 

Cute, cute but I was not willing to part with my money
Netball plastic bottles which cost about RM15 each

A many futile attempts.
A Malurin in action
See how the different school zones presented the scores

The score form. Ignore the scores ya?
The all-white umpire in action and fully aware of the UV dangers.


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