The things I love about Kelantan

I'm writing this because my Other Half and 4 children are in Tumpat now till Tuesday to visit the family. My MIL who is in her 70's lives alone in the family house since FIL passed away in about 9 years ago. I didn't go because I cannot. They told me (do they need to? haha) to sms if I want anything from there. I told my daughter who doesn't go that they couldn't buy what I want because they wouldn't know how to.. I love shopping but this like is still controllable because I limit what I buy. Well, I'll be going back regularly, kan? No need to rush buying all those things I want. When we go back, thing that we are thinking most of the time is the food. 'Mana nak makan?'. I don't cook when I go back because we want to enjoy the food while on our very short visit there. Visiting the Siti Khadijah Market and the Buloh Kubu Bazaar is a must. I do go to Wakaf Che Yeh and the low prices of everything at these outlets are very enticing. Who says the batiks are expensive? Outside Kelantan, yes. Here, I upload some pictures taken last year during our Raya trip.
 The budu with the ulam, which is our favorite. This one really increases your appetites. Avoid this if you are watching your diet.
 The food spread makes me hungry

The Kelantan curry is different from the usual curry mixes we have in the brands like Babas and Adabi. I will buy several packets of the famous brand to bring home. Sometimes they will be out of stock when I want them especially on the days before raya.
 the ayam percik
 the fish percik
 the popular rich akok which I only take one.
 My other half like this but I can't remember the name.
Below are a few pictures taken at Pasar Besar Tumpat. Tumpat is the northernmost town in Kelantan. It was the town where the Japanese soldiers had landed at the beginning of the 2nd World War.
 a scene at the Tumpat morning market during last year pre raya.

 African coconuts? Cant remember the full name.
 tempoyak/fermented durian, and garlic jeruk

The main chillies in Kelantan and I have never seen its red version.
The leaves above are used to wrap fermented glutinous rice below

The scene inside the Tumpat market.




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