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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A feast for my eyes

I'm taking a break..at another place near the border of Selangor & Pahang. Not a bad place for a short respite from..whatever. I'm just amazed at these God's creations. At nature. Yeah, I'm getting older. All these pictures were taken by my younger daughter, the family's photographer. Sorry Ismah to beat you in posting them up on my blog first.
I asked the history of this place and was given different versions of it and when I asked of the height, it was only 850m from sea level! Is it? Lower than TBM?  This is a view from the hill top.

Tour of Wadi Hussein. I'm amazed at what this man has done to this place.
I always have a penchant for a house near a river. And this small river has not yet flooded its banks.

Two colored flowers which has jasmine-like smell

Musa Beccarii, ornamental banana species

Exotic plant from Africa
This one is also from Africa.

 Candy Cane. The stalks are dried and used in flower decorations
This plant is said to produce oxygen both day and night. I thought all plants do.

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