POST PMR: The Vampire looks.....

Well, this is the last post of the activities we did after the PMR exam. I need to clear the space in my iPhoto memory to make way for new future pictures. If you 'store' them virtually, they won't get lost, I think.
Pn. Tan did most of the thinking and initial works since I was away at that time. We requested that each class must have at least one representative. Freedom to chose any theme they like. Usage of recycled materials are encouraged. Must also provide own music to accompany the model/models while catwalking along the 'red carpet'. But there was no red carpet. Ha ha. Marks were given based on creativity, presentation and theme coordination. Here are the outcomes. See for yourself and evaluate. I apologize for the low quality BB pictures which are really irritating to the eyes.

 The young judges: Miss Lok, Miss Nurul Aishah and Puan Yusnani.

3D girls with their theme, Angel and Devil
The MC said nice words about them having the potentials of u-know-what la..
SHEMALE theme? From 3E
Owh, soo sweet! haha
The classic couple from 3B. See the recycle materials they used? The polkadots, the pleated lines around the hat, the paper umbrella..
They presented a sketch which I didn't understand.
 Sweet Dreams, Jian Yip! 
The undercover couple from 3E
 Casual Looks from 3F. Later, I was told they were suppose to entertain us with their dances..the reason they chose the theme
 A royal wedding from 3G. Where's the bridegroom? 
 Ching Cheah from 3H. Hmmm..cant remember their theme
 3I with their undercover theme?
 3K going to the club? Pub?
Daneswary and Rosabel, 3E, with their Vampire looks.

It is great to see all the classes participating which shows that the students from 3H to 3K are confident lots and CAN get involved in any activity if given the encouragements.

Who are the winners?


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