Post-PMR : Tele match games and Project Runway

PMR is over for almost a month now. However, the teachers's job is far from over. The students still have to come to school and there will be demerit marks if they don't.

The school coordinates tele match games, arranges half day school excursions, and holds talent shows apart from the normal indoor games of chess and watching cds.

Tarik gelang getah daripada tepung
 Passing the water-filled balloons
Using sponges to fill up the bottles with water

 A bowling game using coconuts

 Berlari ikat kaki

 Malurian Runaway? 
Form 3H to 3K
 Student spectators

Given the chance and confidence, these students can be creative too

 3E group
 What is that for?
 Working and having fun in an air-conditioned hall. Who don't want it?
 3G group
 3D and 3G?
almost everyone chips in to help. That's teamwork.

 The finalists
The winner is....from 3F!


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