Another trip abroad

When my husband told me he was going to Macao for a conference, I 'begged' him to let me go too. Since PMR is over, I won't mind taking some applied leave to accompany him. Mind you, my CRK is still fully available.

As always, I will searched the internet endlessly for information on, first, halal food, and then, places of attractions. Not to forget, where to shop. I read travel blogs and tripadvisor's pages which provide answers to my questions but somehow I could not seem to comprehend all those infos and I would still feel blurred on where to go.

By 9.20 am we were on Guthrie on our way to LCCT. We detoured to Shah Alam first, to buy breakfast and then to take M who would bring back the car home. It's expensive to leave the car at the LCCT for many days!

The plane took off at almost 12.30 pm. I was enjoying the beauty of the sky and the land below for too long before I realized that I have forgotten to take pictures especially the view of one big lake which I was not sure where it is. The pictures below were taken when we were just less than two hours before landing on Macao International Airport. I photographed the clouds many times because I was fascinated by their different forms and height levels.

Landing at Macau International airport

The flight took about 4 hours, 3 hours and 40 minutes to be exact. The local time is about the same as the Malaysia time only the prayer time is about an hour earlier. We stayed at the Venetian Hotel in Taipa which cost were already included in the conference fee and paid by the organizer.

The Venetian hotel is very large and houses a casino and shopping outlets and continuosly linked to another hotel adjacent to it, The Four Season Hotel. Macau is famously known for its casinos which most of them take after the names and designs of the big casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada in USA. 

The first night , after searching the internet for halal food in Macau, we hailed a taxi to take us to a location, a Niu Ji restaurant. Alas, it wasn't there anymore, the address was taken by another chinese restaurant. Feeling  hungry, we went into a mini supermarket nearby to buy breads, canned tuna, fruits and drinks. Then husband reminded ourselves to call first to confirm the existence of any food outlets before going. 

 The Venetian Hotel area
The Venetian Hotel

Outside the main lobby
Entrance to the main lobby

One of the many shops...
This part (the foreground) merges with the adjacent 4 Season Hotel
 Quite similar to that we have seen in Palazzo, Las Vegas Strip in USA

Lift lobby


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