On your Mark, Get Set..

It has been quite awhile since my last blog post. Ramadhan and Eid telah berlalu dengan pants. However, we are still in the raya month of Syawal, a month when the Muslims in Malaysia are still having Raya open houses. Especially those urban people who didn't have the chance to have them during the Eid days since there were back at their 'kampungs'.

On the school front, we are getting more anxious as the big exams are approaching. We are busy preparing many sets of revision exercises by getting the trial exam papers of other states. We use marker pen -and-talk method and sometimes do power point presentations to enhance the teaching and learning process. Somehow, some students seems to be getting tired of the intensive revisions they are doing.  The teachers believe practice makes perfect. Those not gaining anything from the teacher's efforts are definitely the ones who come to school 'yakking' away their time.

So, good luck to all of you taking the PMR exam which is just around the corner. Happy studying! 


  1. Kita sebagai guru pun makin ligat mengayuh utk persediaan terakhir!


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