Sports Day and 1M1S1M : Part 1

Last week had been a busy one for the school. Especially for those who were actively involved in the preparation for the school annual sports day in the likes of Mr. Caleb, Mr. Shanker, Mr. Ponnambalan, Mdm Amutha, Heads of the sports houses aka ketua rumah sukan, marching participants from the various co-curricular clubs and the students who helped the teachers.

I'm not in the authority to comment about the school sports day, either pre or post.

The event was organised in such a way that it should be finished by afternoon before one o'clock. Therefore, most events had been carried out in the week before the Day itself. Even the most watched running event: 100 meters and it's relay sister, 4x100. "Dulu, itu acara kemuncak". Response from the students can be summarised by the accompanying pictures. The HM had announced that the Day was a SCHOOL DAY. Year in, year out, the event had witnessed a low turn-out. The students are not interested in sports, and we can see the quality of many of the participants during the performance. "susah nak cari pelajar yang boleh lari.." 
Another thing. In line with the 1Malaysia concept, this year, the MOE created the "Larian Serentak 1M1S1M" in which all schools throughout Malaysia must participate and this event should have started at the same time at 7.45 am. The venue was left to the school to decide.
The school decided that the Run would be held on the same day as Sports Day, which was a practical thing to do. I heard that there were some schools who didn't follow the directive and there were schools who did it 'symbolically'..Whatever.
So, let the pictures do the talking. The Run started first.

The morning session students waited at the Dataran Maluri. No more than half came. Biasalah.

Because of space constraint and the way the organizer wanted it done, the afternoon students gathered at the new open hall. They clapped when the morning session students clapped. Kesian. Ada yang terasa.

At the starting point, with the Peralihan students running off first. Di barisan hadapan tu, ialah pentadbir dan ahli PIBG. Dengar-dengar, En. PK1 dulu orang sukan jugak. 

Jalan Kasawari: Pn. S, what are you trying to prove? That you can run backward? Lol! Nampak cikgu rumah Biru je. 

Passed Jalan Kuang, and turned left to Jalan Bebarau

Jalan Bebarau: The morning market is on the right. Ternampak penjual nasi lemak yg murah tapi sayang tak bawa duit..

From Jalan Bebarau, turning left to Jalan Jentayu. Seen here in colored T-shirts were the PIBG members with the HM. Still mixing 'business' with fun. 'The bodyguards' behind them were teachers. See, they didn't look as if they were running. 

The two men teachers manned the checkpoint but ever readily left the post to pose for this pic. 

The 'runners' entering the school about 25 minutes later. The run finished in less than 30 minutes and I could see the fun on their faces especially the younger students.

Anting-antingpun warna biru jugak. Semangat rumah biru yang tinggi. Siapa lagi kalau bukan Pn. S

Comel! Who is she?

 The Blue House teachers except Pn. Y.Can you see the marks on their cheeks?

 Minutes before the event started. Kena ikat sikit sini..
Down to the last minute, they were still hard at work. Pelajar harapan guru. Thanks, guys.

At about 9.00 am, the students were called to the field, I mean, to the edge of the field. As usually done before, the marching music started signalling the March was about to begin.

To be continued.


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