A makeover

I have been taking pictures of our house compound since the beginning of the landscaping project. Sometime this year, I mentioned to my husband about a friend's child's encounter with a snake in front of her bathroom. I voiced out my worries about the growth around our house and the creatures hiding underneath. Especially snakes. I'm scared someday, somebody would get bitten like, when drying the clothes at the backyard.
I know he thought about it, when later, he told me he was going to build a proper fence. At that time, the fence was just barbed wires to keep away big,wild animals like stray dogs and 'babi hutan' (saw one or two  in my 10 years living in this area). I have only a picture of the barbed wires fence since almost all the pictures taken before 2009 were accidently deleted from my computer. When I kept 'whining' about the lost pictures, my son would just told me to forget it and moved on. Ok, ok. Here are a few pictures of what have been going on around the house.
 can't see the original barbed wires fence as it was overwhelmed by nature

before (above) and later (below)
 New concrete fence taking over. Debris were piled up making the place an eyesore.


Squares of pearl grass to be planted on the bare land.

 The original site of the wire fence was near the cloths lines. About 6 feet of land was cleared of the hill at the back of the house to build the new fence.

The small, bare patch is for herb plants. I told my husband I want a bigger plot.
Mints, lemongrass, curry, tumeric, cemangi, pandan..So many in a small space, ok ke?
 Before: The corner where it is lined with unproductive fruit trees. A small cat house will be put up there.

After: The turf of pearls grass already laid and watered

Not yet finished. The feature on the left side is a square pond to keep the koi fish. Last time, we had more than 6 big kois but they went missing when were away on a holiday.
The other side of the house

The tree on the higher ground, left, is a rubber tree. It is still being tapped as a few weeks ago, I saw a man collecting the latex from a cup.
This plant, 'pokok jarak', is no more there. It has medicinal benefits but not much use to us. Bonjela provides faster relief for mouth ulcers and gum sores. 

That's all, folks. I will update again when time permits.


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