A Reminder

Resume blogging after 2 weeks, waiting for students especially the form 3 students to finish their exam. The form 3 students will hand in their KKG reports before the holiday starts. From my experience, to give students the 'extra time' during the holidays to complete their work did not work. After all, holidays mean no school work either for the students or teachers..hehe

From this monday till two days before hols, the students must, must, must try to finish their work. The internet has plenty of references on Pencemaran Alam Sekitar and it is just a matter of understanding and efforts to acquire the necessary informations. Ample guidance has been provided by the subject teachers either in the classrooms or through the personal blogs of a few teachers. This is enough to help the students do the work on their own.

There are a few problems, though. One, many of my students are not proficient in the malay language and are unable to string a few sentences together. So, I end up using a sentence completion technique in writing the first part of the report such as 'penghargaan, pendahuluan, kawasan kajian' etc. Well, almost everybody can copy this from the previous forms (form 1 and form 2) KKG as they were about the same thing. Two, some students dont want to do it even though they are provided with free writing paper sheets and other materials. Sheer laziness? Hmmph!

Well, all I can say now is do your best and pass up your work so that you can enjoy your holidays .


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