Kuang-Bagan Datoh-Kuang

It's almost 2 a.m on the last day of May. Just finished importing pictures from the phone to my Macbook. Looking at the pictures of our trip to Selatan Perak makes me forgo my desire to go to bed. Ismah called the nite before the trip asking us when we want to visit her. Thought of surprising her but her constant pleading buat ayah dia just gave the secret away.

These are the places we stopped by on our way to and from Perak. Tak semua ada gambar.

Jalan Kuang - Sg. Plong in the morning. The pic is a bit fuzzy but can still see the towering Petronas signboard, kan. The kampong atmosphere is still alive here. I urged my children to enjoy it while they can before it disappears in a few years time.

Reached this place at Tanjung Karang, Selangor around 10.30 am. They were still not ready. Ended up with take away KFC. Ismah later told us she wanted home cooked food. Kesian..
We bought the mee udang on our back from Bagan Datoh. The place is packed in the evening and finding a seat is a problem. The udang in the mee are smaller now than those in the pic.

Arrived around noon at SMS Bagan Datoh, Perak. The female guard in that small building made an announcement calling Ismah down to the guardhouse, "...Waris anda sedang menunggu."

Catching up with her latest fb news at the school canteen. I wish SMKTBM got nice canteen tables and stools. Dream on laa.

At Hutan Melintang on our way back from Pekan Bagan Datoh. This is truly an agricultural hinterland. The Bagan Datoh area is well known in the malaysian geography textbooks as the major producer of coconut and cocoa in Semenanjung Malaysia. Ironically, I, who love young coconut water, could not find anybody selling it here, not even the coconuts. Coconut water is low in calorie, carbo, fat and sugar and generally the water my mother recommended to drink when we had minor ailments masa kecik-kecik dulu.

Mentarang being grilled at the roadside stall at Pasir Panjang. When Tasneem was schooled in Sabak Bernam in 2006, mentarang was non existent. The locals said the mentarang only became more available after the tsunami. Before, it was abundant only in Perlis but the number has dwindled and the sellers there had to come to this place to get the supply. For further reading, go to: http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2009/1/3/lifeliving/2914652&sec=lifeliving 

A 'Parit' at Pasir Panjang. Picture taken from the mentarang stall.

Grilled mentarang eaten with sambal belacan. Makan dengan Tabasco sauce with lemon juice lagi sedap.

There were a lot of stalls selling agricultural products like this, along the road. We brought some pisang tanduk (horn banana, see the pic below) and batang keladi (yam stem). I don't know the price of the pisang  tanduk per kg because it was husband who bought them. He loves them fried. I love batang keladi prepared in any way, particularly masak asam. Generally, the younger generation doesn't have a penchant for traditional dishes preferring more the ayam goreng kentucky.."siapa emaknya?" Lol!

Those who don't know how to prepare batang keladi (yem stem, see the pic above, foreground) for cooking, despair not. Cick here and scroll down. I like this page >> http://mforum3.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?action=printable&tid=379437

I cannot remember when we reached home but it was more than 2 hours journey from Bagan Datoh. Tak kisahla but we know Ismah was the happiest person that day. Love u dotter.


  1. i don't know if I ever wanted to eat Mentarang again! ;P

  2. rasanya kena makan dengan sos tabasco and lemon juice baru ngam.

  3. mengiurkan tengok mee udang!


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