A teaching tip

I return the students answer sheets today. 3B, 3I, 3J and 3K. I went over the questions with 3B students and I was happy that they paid attention. But not all.

The students, i noticed, love stories. About anything.

As we discussed about rivers, i told them about my trips to the khlongs in Bangkok, Pasir Salak at the bank of Perak River and the rivers that i came across like Kelantan and Pahang Rivers.

And we discussed about the change in the height of Kinabalu mountain and the Everest.

I don't really like churning facts after facts without telling them the little stories behind them.

Even the students in 3I got interested when we talked about the all time favourite, chocolates. That, in the process of teaching them how to draw 'rajah aliran' for the process of producing cocoa.

However, age is catching up with me. I have become a forgetful person. I hope i can still remember stories or facts that i have collected in my almost two decades of teaching career.


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