I came home late this evening, nearly 7.00 oclock. The girls had their 1st netball practice today and I like their 'semangat'..really bersemangat. And thanks to Pn. Muna for coaching them for almost 2 years. But alas! their match is just two weeks away.

This morning I scolded my students for not passing up their works. And also for not completing them. Same students. I told them that if they have any problem with the work I gave them, they should have seen me. I could go over the problems with them. But don't let the works get accumulated. I don't know but for the first time in my teaching career, I told my students to be professional in their 'job' as a student as much as I am in my work as an educator.

The students are not really stupid. Many of my students are not proficient in Bahasa Melayu. This really impedes the process of learning the contents of my teaching. Usually it is a one way process using the lecture method. It is not good, isn't it? However, the students that I gave my piece of mind can understand and speak Bahasa well. They are just....

Ok. I am tired. The bed is beckoning me now. Peace be upon you.


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