Post-PMR: Tangrams, Jelutong and Crepes

S P A C E   W A L K
3E N 3F students having fun!

Tangrams. Very happy as I managed to solve these shapes, a game based on the oldest Chinese puzzles. They are good for my mental

Already Extinct. They won't eat, they are not dangerous..hehe
The well behaved 3E students. 
Bringing the 3A and 3B students to KL Tower. Seen here are Irfan and Jia Young
See the dark clouds hovering over KL..

I couldn't resist buying some souvenirs here. The quality and varieties are comparable with other countries I have visited, even better. I LOVE the MALAYSIA MAP fridge magnets!
Quite expensive to us but it is damn cheap to the westerners!
P E W T E R  P R O D U C T S   from  T I N

A   L O V E L Y   C O R N E R. To non artist like me, the paintings are beautiful. Willing to see but not willing to buy. 
A hundred year old  J E L U T O N G tree was one of the difficulties faced during the construction of the Tower. They built RM430,000 retaining walls around the tree to avoid destroying it. This spot (below) is called The Jelutong Walk. But what a short walk!

Monyet apakah ini? Lontong, kera atau monyet? Dipanggil 'the long tailed macaque monkey'
Thought they were looking at the couple..Rupanya burung-burung di bawah ini..

Yes, Wei Guang, what is it?
3A and 3B boys waiting to explore the 'jungle' in the city.
ALL  G R I N S  N  S M I L E S! 
Our bus drivers of the day
HUTAN SIMPAN BUKIT NANAS or formerly known as The Bucket Weld FR is said to be the oldest permanent forest reserve (PFR) in the country. I thought Bukit Lagong FR is the oldest PFR..
Listening to the taklimat given by the KL Tower personnel.
Once, it was the world tallest communication tower. Standing at 421 m, now it is the fourth tallest.

Cikgu ni nak tembak siapa hah?
The jungle map 
The construction of the Mega Infrustructure, the KL Tower. Several students didn't want to watch the documentary at first but in the end they were surely glad they did.

crepes? Read the newer post.


  1. man the Jelutong tree is one huge tree i live in norway and trees here only grow to 15 meters and the biggest to maybe 20 meters so this thing Jelutong tree is one huge bastard.

  2. the tallest tree in malaysia is the tualang tree up to 60 meters tall. the honey bearing bees like to settle on this tree


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