Hari Kokurikulum: Siapa Menang?

Hari Kokurikulum was supposed to be a fun day. Eating, playing and enjoying ourselves. Not about homework's and projects. No one would be scolded as long as one stayed within the rules. Right? Right.

Here are some of the competitions held on that day.

Decorating the cake. 

Tema "Sukan" on one of the cakes. Will post more pictures later.

Pertandingan Maluri Hip-hop. The picture was taken from the staff room across this open space hall.

Super Malurian Idol Competition

Chinese Calligraphy Competition

"Kollam". Students participation were encouraging and they did it in a group of five. 9 groups had taken part. The colored rice were put in various containers and plastic bags.

1Malaysia theme?

They spent long hours on perfecting their design.

"Muka Berfantasia" competition. Vampire prom nite.

Kalah cikgu..

I forgot to see the result. Hopefully, I can get pictures from the students.
Mohan from 3D and partner

Anna, the prom nite girl whom I teach in 3E. 
They had to be content by just watching through the grilled window. 

"Papan Tanda" competition at Bilik Seni

Nilai-nilai Murni...

"Kawad Kaki" Competition
Berkawad dalam hujan renyai-renyai. 

 Cikgu-cikgu pun nak tunjuk bakat menyanyi juga

Well, there were others like "You think U got Talent", Khat calligraphy, "Biceps King", English Public Speaking, and Pidato B. Malaysia.

The winners are......jeng,jeng,jeng...I know who they are because I'm in charge of the awards. Will let you know in a week or two. Ha, ha, ha!


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